Welcome back to CSU!

We are very glad to have you back. One of the first things you will need to do is register for a Ram Reconnect workshop and/or meet with the Collegiate Success Coach, Juan Rivas.  In your Admissions letter it informed you that you needed to sign up for Ram Reconnect and also that you were returning on probation.  Depending on which probation status you are returning on, whether it be Probation 1 or Probation 2, will determine how quickly you have to work to attain that cumulative 2.0 before you risk academic dismissal. 

In the Outreach and Support office we are assertive in making sure that you are now up to speed on what it's going to take to get off of probation in a timely manner.  Any recommendations we make, please don't take lightly.  We are realistic with the students we work with and will help facilitate the transition back to the academic grind.

Below are a list of the recommendations of who you need to reach out to sooner rather than later:

1. Contact our Academic Advisor

  • If you are returning to the same major, you'll want to find out about any changes that might impact your requirements for your degree
  • If you are switching majors, you'll need to speak with an Advisor from the new academic department [Find your Advisor by logging into RamWeb]
  • If you are undeclared, you will need to make an appointment with a Student Achievement Advisor

2. Contact the College Success Coach to find out which probation status you are on.

3. Register for Ram Reconnect, here.  All students returning during a summer semester are encouraged to meet with the Collegiate Success Coach individually as there are no workshops offered during the summer semesters.

4. Contact the Registrar's Office to confirm your degree requirements.

Take advantage of your resources on campus.  Remember, you're already paying for them! And know that we're here and available to you!