Each academic semester there are several contributing factors that can influence a student's grades.  Unfortunately, a student may not be able to control some of these extenuating circumstances and the impact that they have on academic performance can be catastrophic.  For example, a student may walk away from that semester with all D's and F's.  If this is the case for a past semester that you have endured, you may want to consider retroactively withdrawing from that semester. 

First Step:  You will go to the Retroactive Withdrawal System website.


Students who think they may be interested in submitting a request to considered for retroactive withdrawal ought to consider reviewing the Guidelines for Retroactive Withdrawals. Once you've reviewed the guidelines and still feel that your circumstances are adequate for a retroactive withdrawal you'll want to go ahead login.

Once you'll logged in, you'll need to submit a request for consideration of the retroactive withdrawal.  Referring back to the guidelines, please pay attention to the requirements for supporting documentation as the Scholastic Standards Committee has distinct expectations for these documents.

If you are uncertain whether or not you may qualify for this and want a professional opinion, please contact the Collegiate Success Coach.  From there, the Coach can help you to identify whether or not this is an avenue for you to explore and then will walk through the process with you.