If you are readmitted to CSU, congratulations!  If you are readmitted with a Academic probation status, you are required to attend a Ram Reconnect workshop and/or meet with the Collegiate Success Coach.  In your Admissions letter to you this information was clearly laid out as well as how to register.

What is Ram Reconnect?  It is a one-hour workshop designed to help you get back to good academic standing and avoid academic dismissal.  We will cover updates to academic policy changes at CSU as well as identify resources that are available to you that you might not have known otherwise.  Our hope is to answer any lingering questions you might have in regards to your academics and making sure that you are prepared prior to your start back. 

How do I register for Ram Reconnect? Registration is now open for Ram Reconnect.  Make note that workshops are only offered the week prior and first week of each semester (in January and August). 

What do I do if I missed the workshop series for that semester?  First of all, know that this happens often.  If you were unable to attend a workshop, you will need to contact the Collegiate Success Coach immediately. You can Make an Appointment here. 

*As of Spring 2015, Outreach and Support and CSU Online have collaborated to provide a live broadcast of Ram Reconnect.  We will be providing students who missed the live workshops the opportunity to still hear the same information by watching the recorded live broadcast and answering an online questionnaire.  The deadline to watch this semester's video and submit question responses will be Friday, March 16, 2018.