The Fostering Success Program (FSP) at Colorado State University was formed in Fall 2010 when a couple of graduate students and staff recognized a need to support students from independent backgrounds. At that time, the program began providing care packages to the handful of known students on campus who identified as former foster youth. Since then the program has expanded significantly and is currently serving over 200 students from a variety of independent backgrounds. In honor of the program's founders, the program still provides care packages but has also expanded to provide guidance and support to independent students beginning with the admission process and continuing through to graduation.

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What our students think about FSP:

“The most important part [of the program] is connecting to students just like you.”

-Terrance, CSU/FSP Alum

“Fostering Success is a community of support that as an independent student,
I lacked. It feels good to know that I have others to relate to and can receive nonjudgmental support.”

-Aisha, Junior

“Fostering Success has created a safe environment for me where I felt connected to people on campus, where there is a sea of people who can never imagine or understand what it is like to be in my shoes, what it is like to be an orphan.”

-Brooke, CSU/FSP Alum