**Please take note that there is a difference between who can participate in this program depending on the semester!**

Project Success offered in the Spring is catered toward first-year students in their second semester at CSU who are on Probation 1.  It could be for a multitude of reasons why a student is on academic probation after their first semester of college, but Project Success is geared toward helping those students get back into good academic standing.  Take advantage of this opportunity! 

Project Success offered in the Fall is catered toward any student in any class standing (sophomore, junior, senior) who is on Probation 2 (their second semester of academic probation).  Students who are on Probation 2 are facing academic dismissal after the fall semester.  This workshop series is different because it focuses more on utilizing resources, changing academic patterns that haven't worked previously, as well as preparing for "what's next." For the Fall 2014 cohort, 6 students achieved the cumulative 2.0 or higher, and 8 successfully applied for their dismissal appeals. 

Several academic departments on campus offer semester courses/workshops for students within their college who are on probation.  If you are curious as to whether or not your college has a academic probation program, please contact your Academic Advisor and/or Academic Support Coordinator.  If you are on probation, you most-likely already were contacted by someone within your college.  Take advantage of that resource as well! 

If your college does not have a college-specific academic probation program and/or you are unable to participate in Project Success and are motivated to get back into good academic standing, please schedule an appointment to meet with the Collegiate Success Coach.  You can schedule an appointment by referring to the Make an Appointment link.