If you are a current CSU student and are in your second consecutive semester of probation and wish to return to CSU the following semester, you are urged to submit an academic dismissal appeal.  If you do not complete the dismissal appeal process and complete the semester without earning a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, you will be dismissed automatically.  Avoid the hassle and apply for the dismissal appeal before it's too late! 

You will want to go to the Dismissal Appeals Login page. 

From this page you will login with your eID (rams account login) and then submit your appeal.  Make sure to follow instructions carefully.

Review the Dismissal Appeal Guideliness carefully to make sure that your appeal is submitted according to the requirements.  Each semester several students are denied the dismissal appeal due to an incomplete submission.  Be responsible and make sure that your application is complete to ensure a chance of being granted that extra semester.

There is another link from the Dismissal Appeals website that looks at different Student Options.  The important piece to note is that academic dismissal is not a dead end.  A dismissed student has several options to consider for their academic future, and CSU wants to help with this process. Listed at the bottom of the Student Options link is a list of offices on campus who can be of assistance should you have more questions regarding the dismissal appeal process and/or readmittance to CSU.