Project Success is an eight week workshop series designed to help students return to good academic standing.  It is offered both in both the Spring and Fall semesters.  In the Spring, students placed on their first semester of academic probation who could repair their GPA in one successful semester are invited to participate in this workshop series. In the Fall, students placed on their second semester of academic probation who could repair their GPA in one successful semester are invited to participate in this workshop series. Workshops are packed with practical tools and strategies covering topics including:

  • Understanding Academic Policy
  • Time Management
  • Test Preparation Skills
  • Connecting with Campus Resources
  • Faculty Panel

There will be one Outreach & Support staff leading Project Success.  At this time, we are only offering one section of Project Success, so the date and time for the semester is the only available workshop series.  There may also be guest speakers from offices around campus including but limited to Student Financial Services, Student Case Management, CSU Health Network and any other office that may be appropriate to speak at that time in the workshop series.

Please note that there are some differences between the Spring and Fall workshops series as the information and content needs to be different based on the probation status.  Regardless of the semester, the mission of assisting students in achieving that cumulative 2.0 remains the same.

If you are struggling academically, but not on probation yet, or not easily able to get back off of academic probation, you should start working with your academic advisor today!  

Lastly, if you are on your first or second semester of academic probation but not participating in Project Success, please speak with your academic advisor as soon as possible.  Most academic departments around campus are now hosting their own workshop series for students within their college on academic probation.  Ask your advisor today if your college hosts this type of workshop series and how you can go about getting involved!  If your academic department doesn't have required probation meetings and/or workshops, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to talk about ways to get back into good academic standing.

What Spring 2016 Project Success students have said:

“It let me know that I wasn't the only person on campus on academic probation/”

“Project Success allowed me to realize where I went wrong my first semester and showed me that it's possible to come back from it all.”

“The faculty panel helped me realize how much professors care and made it easier for me to approach my professors.”

“Thank you so much for the knowledge you have given me to be successful here at CSU!”

“It's worth it and definitely improved how I perceive college.”

"It definitely did help me manage my time more."